What to Do Before You Call a Lawyer

Pause before getting in contact with a law firm for assistance. Calling a law firm is stressful enough without having to stumble or burst into tears in the middle of it. Instead of letting rip about your problems, you will seek legal guidance in order to be better educated about your alternatives and to protect your rights. Organize your ideas in order to make it easier for the attorneys to understand your circumstances. In addition, it is possible that you may exaggerate the events that have transpired as a result of your intense emotions. Here are some pointers on what to do before you call a personal injury lawyer.

It is vital to prepare ahead of time in order to get the best out of your time with a lawyer. If you are making use of the Lawyer Referral Service's 30-minute free legal consultation, this is extremely important to remember.

When it comes to understanding your case, lawyers frequently want documentation. As an example, if you call to discuss an inheritance issue, the lawyer will almost certainly want a copy of the decedent's will or trust. Prepare your papers by scanning them so that you have an electronic version that can be readily sent to the law company.

To begin, write a brief summary of the legal problem you face. Describe the circumstances (together with the dates) that led to your being involved in a legal battle. Make a list of all of the supporting evidence you have available. Don't go into too much detail about what you did. Focus on the most relevant aspects of the disagreement. If you have fewer than 5 minutes, you should be able to convey your current circumstance. If your lawyer needs further information, he (or maybe she) will ask youquestions.

The following stage is to draft a list of questions to be addressed to the attorney. Do you know what your legal rights and alternatives are and how to exercise them? So, what are the precise legal concerns that you need to get more knowledgeable about? What information will you need to proceed with the case in the next step? You could also consider alternative methods of resolving your disagreement without going to court.

When Calling the Law Office:

Please be patient. As a general rule, law firms are difficult places to work, and if you add to the stress level, you will be less likely to receive assistance or a favorable reference for your case.